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We provide high-quality, compassionate, and state-of-the-art periodontal and implant services. Kelly Dental Care specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum disease along with placing dental implants.

From routine maintenance cleanings to gum surgery and the placement of dental implants, we offer an extensive list of services and modern treatments to meet all of your periodontal needs.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small post, usually made of titanium, that serves as a substitute for the root of the tooth. A connector, known as an abutment, is placed on the top of the dental implant, which connects it to the replacement tooth. Finally, a crown, a replacement tooth, is custom fabricated to match your natural teeth, completing the dental implant. Dental implants can also be used to anchor loose dentures.

Gum and Bone Grafting

Is bone loss affecting your gums or nearby teeth? If so, you may need a bone graft. Additionally, if you are having dental implants and do not have enough bone mass in your jaw to safely support an implant, a bone graft is a likely solution. During this procedure, a safe and synthetic bone material will be placed in areas of low bone mass and the gums will be sutured over the graft.

If you have severe gum recession where the roots of your teeth are exposed and susceptible to decay, you may need a gum graft. In this type of procedure, new, healthy tissue is placed over the tooth roots. That tissue is often taken from the gums or roof of the mouth.

Our team at Kelly Dental Care will evaluate you to help determine what type of bone or tissue graft is appropriate for your individual needs and treatment goals. These simple, surgical procedures are both relatively quick, as painless as possible, and performed as outpatient procedures.

LANAP Laser Gum Treatment

LANAP is a patented laser treatment for gum disease which offers patients a less painful, successful treatment alternative to conventional surgery. Approved by the FDA, LANAP is the only scientifically researched methodology that results in true periodontal regeneration, new bone growth, and gum tissue reattachment.

The advantage of using this laser treatment is it eliminates the inflammation causing bone loss without having to remove any healthy gum tissue. It is a more comfortable alternative to traditional surgery and does not need any cutting or stitches. The LANAP Protocol is clinically proven to be effective at reducing pocket depth between gums and teeth and, so far, is the only laser procedure approved by the FDA to do so. 

Nonsurgical Treatments

If periodontitis, or gum disease, isn’t advanced, treatment may involve less invasive procedures, including:

  • Scaling — Tartar and bacteria from your tooth surfaces and beneath your gums are removed using instruments, a laser, or an ultrasonic device.
  • Root planing — Root planing smooths the root surfaces, discouraging further buildup of tartar and bacteria. that contribute to inflammation and delay healing or reattachment of the gum to the tooth surfaces.
  • Antibiotics — Topical or oral antibiotics can help control bacterial infection. Topical antibiotics can include antibiotic mouth rinses or the insertion of medicated gels in the space between your teeth and gums pockets after deep cleaning. However, oral antibiotics may be necessary to completely eliminate infection-causing bacteria.
Surgical Treatments

If you have advanced periodontitis, treatment may require dental surgery, such as:

  • Pocket Reduction Surgery: For this procedure, your periodontist makes a small incision in your gum in order to see under the gum tissue. The roots are exposed for more effective scaling and root planing. Bone loss may be present. If that’s the case, the underlying bone may need to be recontoured to obtain a healthy result. After pocket reduction surgery, it is easier to clean the teeth and maintain healthy gums.
  • LANAP Laser: This state-of-the-art procedure involves using laser energy to gently and effectively clear away the bacteria causing gum disease, while leaving healthy tissues intact. LANAP can be used to regrow tissues and bone lost to periodontal disease. The laser can often be used instead of traditional pocket reduction surgery. 

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